Doing this trick against World 5 Boss, Dumb Drum, will softlock your game. DKC has always been one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. Why is rolling faster than jumping off enemies? frgobfgobfrgorfrfgoberfgeobeoebf. Timer is PAUSED during the change of games. This is a deep dive into speedrunning history of DKC. That record stood for approximately 18 years until August 17, 2000, when it was surpassed by Tim Sczerby's score of 879,200. r/speedrun: Press J to jump to the feed. 46 deaths, Windy Well can suck my donkey dick. frobbage. I went through a fuck ton of name changes but I'm sticking to Snodeca now lol. Frog good friend swim. WiiU, Wii, WiiUVC. If that doesn’t make you go bananas, we don’t know what will. big chokes in W4 and W7, but no game overs. 1 death in k.rool but everything else was good, needed a base run to improve on so here it is. Just started running yesterday so I'm learning! Invisible barrel use is allowed (Hot Head Hop/Castle Crush) as long as it's not using a barrel to zip to the end of the stage. Click here to go to the dkcspeedruns wiki, the home of DKC speedruns. First run ever deathless w/ 3 jr's. Moderated by: n e i n e i, V0oid V0oid, dustpan2112 dustpan2112, dna423 dna423 frenzy, oda mcm birdtut misty and 2nd try perils. Donkey Kong Country has evolved into an incredibly difficult run. Adjusted time accordingly. Donkey Kong Country Returns Donkey Kong series. Shoutouts to the RZA, the GZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, U-god, the Ghostface Killah, the Method Man, Raekwon the Chef, the Masta Killa, ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿. Weirdest PB I've had in a while. Horrible w7. 98% Upvoted. in K.Rool and hit by cannonball. Finally got 17:50, aiming for 17:30 next! 1994. Leaderboard Category Extensions Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. I will bring this down to a 2:20 at least. save hide report. put away my dank2 ROMs in the back of a closet, Edit another one of my posts on this page and I'll slap your bitch ass at AGDQ18, Blunt774, w1-4 were quite insane. Although the traditionally in-person event was moved online, it … Watch Donkey Kong Country 3 Lake Orangatanga Speedrun on Crunchyroll. ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ Sorry, I just dropped my bag of Doritos. This is a pastebin (pre-Bleak skip) but potentially useful for timings--> notable differences and timings between U and J. Full-game Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all Jungle Beach Ruins Cave Forest Cliff Factory Volcano Golden Temple. Porque o vento... ele é diferente em horas do dia.. "TUFST" means Hard mode. Visual Cues; Lua Scripts; Category Specific. the donkey gods forbid the credits to be in the video, sorry, Died in Gusty Glade, still PBed... ThisIsFine, threw some time away in world 6 again lol, Sorry for the chaotic Commentary in the background x), TFW you basically PB'd because you got both Castle Crush and Chain Link Chamber Wrong Warp 1st try and almost choked Toxic Tower... Also, race PB was mandatory. There is a 3 frame window at the beginning of every boss (including K Rool) where you can groundpound/slapslide with Donkey and avoid picking up the DK barrel. One morning, Dixie found that Diddy was not in his room. [TAS] Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA) - 103% Tool-assisted Speedrun. First full run. Different Alec. 2010. -_- Easy time save next time. ~MrZera, Done at SGDQ2015, I actually got the O-Gang jumproll XD. Speed Runs. Using his mathematical knowledge to identify exploitable patterns in the game, Wiebe sets a new record of 947,200 points in 2003. On November 7, 1982, Billy Mitchell set the first widely recognized Donkey Kong world record by scoring 874,300 points. lost Kiddy in Criss Kross, Swoopy, and KRool, Lost a million in K Rool, clip taken from All Stages run beginning. What a run. fribbij. LOOK, Skipped 41, 40 and 39. Definitely better, learning those wrong warps! fribjibjibajabfrobajobajibjab. Donkey Kong Country 3 Japanese/English. Não me defina, não foque seus medos em mim. (1/11) ... Donkey Kong Country 3. Months after the events of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, the Kongs were back at DK Island, still celebrating their victory over the K. Rool and the Kremlings. I'll pretend I didn't lose 2 minutes in castle crush. N64, WiiUVC. Had I not taken damage on C.L.C., this run would've beaten my sum of best worlds. Posted by. 2 years ago. Run is too old to go back and highlight + bad. Donkey Kong Country‘s surprising difficulty level always makes it a fun run, but what really sets this one apart is the fact that the two runners stay neck and neck nearly the entire time. What about you? No deaths or wrong warp fails. The Guinness World Records (also abbreviated as GWR) is an annual reference book that lists world records for a variety of subjects, including the Super Mario series. In Redmond, Washington, out-of-work engineer Steve Wiebe has purchased a Donkey Kong cabinet in hopes of achieving the world record. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts ... World Record Progression: Donkey Kong. Will beat one day! updated bad time might actually try to beat this, weird mistakes kept this from killing the category. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Deathless with mistakes. 2 deaths and BDB skip issues. no RBR, tried and missed three times in perils, sang "suck my d**k, prs!" But today’s episode features something never done before. Will beat one day! This page was last edited on 11 December 2018, at 01:50. Run done at 2am on Jan 1st. Kong. A couple bad deaths but pretty good otherwise. FINALLY. Leaderboard Website Discord Streams Statistics Sub-games. Donkey Kong Country is a Platformer released in November of 1994 by Rare for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The series continued with Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. There is a lot of improvement to be made here! link is still old pb, new vid seems to be broken once again yeay -.- gotta check that again but im no liar so i put the time here for now! 1999. Sub 40 is in reach! Step 2: git gud. World one speedrun of DKC 3 105% speedrun by David Gibbons. When you get a Jumproll and interrupt it instantly. The pandemic has destroyed and delayed a lot of events, but Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 wasn’t one of them. Donkey Kong. SNES, WiiVC, WiiUVC, New3DSVC, SNESClassic, SwitchVC. Day_glow and Lumo made me play the Swanky games! This isn't the best run in the world, it's just a tribute. :D, Bleak skip third try , bad kaos , bad 7-1. My emulator window froze for about a second and a half at 6:16. I started learning this 3 days ago and decided to join community race, didn't know shit after slime climb. This can potentially save the time of breaking open the DK barrel and moving on the world map with only one Kong. He sends the tape to Twin Galaxies as evidence and becomes a Seattle celebrity. 50 comments. Step 4: Profit! Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is a Platformer released in November of 1995 by Rare for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The series began with Donkey Kong Country and continued with Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble.DKC2 was ported to the Game Boy Advance in June of 2004, with a few changes.. 1986. Hit Bird TUT then cancelled by accident. Long time coming since I started DKC back in 2017. Ok yeah frog. Tricks (Start here!) Speed run using the 105% code, which makes the game harder by removing all continue barrels and nearly all DK barrels, completed on June 8 2004. NES, WiiUVC, Switch. :D (Also this was a derust - I deleted videos and changed name back in July 2018, sorry about that! Former WR. Moderated by: hirexen hirexen, stealThunder stealThunder. 1st Deathless Run, despawned Krem at 4-2 so lost a few seconds. Archived. Here's a 101% speedrun for Donkey Kong Country, SNES version. Player Real Time Game Time Platform Date Improved Previous Record By Record held for Notes Eazinn: 32:59: 0:28: SNES-U 1.0: Oct. 1, 2015: 22s: 161 Days: Eazinn The current proven World Record for a complete-game DK64 speedrun is 5 hours and 4 minutes, achieved by Joe Wiewel on June 4th, 2006.. Speed Runs. "eat a fuckin' cheeseburger you skinny bitch" - david clemens, im lazy, so Neppo needed to submit for me, Beautiful run, inspired me to go back to JP. Really sloppy.