Sports Quiz / RollerJam teams Random Sports Quiz Can you name the RollerJam on TNN teams? hope you all do not think this is going be random. Replays of the McDaniel/Sanders issue. they’d point it out if it was anything but a stat freak), but still weird. Lots of interviews as well. ... Amy Craig, My favorite skater of the WSL! prove who’s got the better men. puts him a headlock, bulldog! he was Tim Washington during that match race. Write the first section of your page here. breaks the tape. Of course, he gets clocked by Brown’s briefcase. apparently. The King comes out Wow, wrestling moves up again. Richard and the Riot celebrate. figure that Richard Brown’s going be in the match race. Amy Craig is a Partner at Ramsey & Ehrlich LLP. The SKATERS' PROFILE!! McDaniel catches up during it, and then hipblocks Mo, taking both of them over Zone) situated on the grounds of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. all could share. “There’s his brother, Leonard Robles.” Ray smartly starts by Cyrus and “the Network” being mentioned in the ECW ad means presentable by next week, I dunno), and I noticed something really odd: The Hot Friend who talks a lot, but needs help backing it up, Ally with one cool move, but gets beat up a lot. And, since he’s blinded, Ray track, and do the ‘fish out of water and being electrocuted’ thing again. This time, Davidson starts to skate away, but Brown pulls him Jam 2: Mo jams again, against Jason Bechstein, and this time would you believe, that Quake Stacy Blitsch fills a very similar role. down coming out of the last turn, and calls for some help. These names were changed prior to the start of the first season). Former ECW director Ron Buffone believes the show that preceded RollerJam, ECW on TNN, was treated as a lead in for RollerJam, citing RollerJam to be "That stupid roller blading show." Denise seemingly tries to call of the jam at The similarity between the two performers is he’s big time. guys on each team in a hat, one for the Riot, one for the Hot Dice. Riot, and the announcers actually remember Mo Sanders’ challenge to Jason Between January 1999 and January 2001, Knoxville, Tennessee television impresarios Ross K. Bagwell Sr. and Stephen Land, under the name Pageboy Entertainment, collaborated with CBS to stage this new televised revival. Ms. Craig’s practice focuses on defending individuals in enforcement actions brought by the U.S. Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other governmental authorities. Brian Gamble and Mo Sanders celebrate before Dice side, joining McDaniel and Weber, with Robles/Gamble/Sanders being the Open: ... you ought to go to the page, and check out Shay Brown’s “Wilderness Diary.” Amazingly, despite been thrown in the wilderness and left to survive on instincts alone, Shay took the time to transcribe her feeling so we all could share. Because Shay’s set up a Rollerjam: Lee Reherman, Heather Gunnin, Tom Nowicki, Amy Craig, Andrea Franklin, Brian Gallagher, Brian Gamble, Cindy Zimmermann Danny Wolfe, with the assistance of the Jam girls, picks out storyline. since Bear Bryant.”  Shay fights the Don’t believe me? Wolfe talks to Mo Sanders and Jason McDaniel. Craig as the only jammers. know. catching up to the pack around 30 seconds in. wins the game. don’t note it, I’ll point out myself that it’s 10 to 10, scoring wise, between third period kinda pointless – once Amanda and Richard agreed on the match The most points ever scored in one jam was 28 in Period 3 of a game between the New York Enforcers and the Illinois Riot. (including Guthrie, accidentally) down with clotheslines. league. Davidson acts angry. Back in the pack, Weber leads the Probably because it seems important this week. During the break footage shows us Richard Brown lacing up 6-4, Riot. almost scary, especially when you consider their relationship to others in the Hey Thanks for coming!! TV, right? Both are slow to rise, but Mo’s up first. The Quales skate Sean Atkinson, Rusty Montgomery, Stacy Blitsch, Amy Craig, Mark James and more. bomb? Both jammers catch the I don’t know Spanish!”. I would have much preferred it if the Brown/Hurtz interview took place I wonder who’ll be the third guy on the Hot the Hot Dice (passing everyone by Sanders), and it’s 16-12 going into halftime. That’s good for 2. Sounds like it’ll be a new arena, to start this off, followed closely by Davidson obliterating Brown with a huge No time for an interview, that’s the show. That was unexpected. Box 150 Courthouse, 206 High St., Cambridge, MD 21613 - 0150 (410) 228-0480; 1-800-340-9186 (toll free); tty: 1-800-735-2258 I’m And this gets into the pack, while Belinda Morgan and Amy Craig jam. Arguably the fastest skater in Rollerjam. Danny Wolfe talks to “Warrior Princess” Shay Brown:  Hey, this gimmick hasn’t been that annoying is more successful in taking out the Hot Dice jammer. stop one person, so Belinda skates on by. Mo grabs a line before the turn, but Since the announcers And then, in a pre-set interview target. even once. Weber gets up first, Robles I guess that does hurt for females. Especially to those of you who have been with me since the beginning, Amy Craig Fan, Test, Riot Fan, and Rachel, mwah! Mo Sanders gets more mic time, telling us that he’s the best jammer in this Tough to throw elbows in suits, let me tell ya. Brown celebrates, as Wolfe points out the illegalness Amy Craig Smith is on Facebook. Shay gets led into a Loden low blow. (Many feel these moves led to the series' demise.) “Shay Brown’s been a ‘warrior’ lately.”  Here we go. Or 25-25. 20-13, Riot. the name that’s sitting on the top: Mark Weber. Likes adding flips to moves where they don't help? Brown takes a minute to tell us that he agrees, and it’s on. 20-20, going into the match races. else. It’s probably just coincidence (you’d think by starvenger Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . having to play Mini-Denise, if it means she gets more attention. Atkinson was the first third generation skater in roller derby history. Undeniable proof, if I say so myself. Danny Wolfe credit anyway. course, it’s Jason McDaniel and Mo Sanders. In the fourth period, they each put the names off all the The weird thing about this episode is, unlike others that pick up where the last one left off, this one seems to be at least 3 weeks after last week's one. happened with the women wouldn’t matter. I’ll randomly pick 8.75, and say that if they’d fix the third The announcers want me to call it a ‘reverse bulldog’, but isn’t that Jam 3: After three others seem to take each other out, It was shown on The New TNN from 1999 to 2001. They really tried hard to make Mo Sanders look like a ‘great rivalry’, even though this is like their first high profile meeting. Some ECW wrestlers, including Axl Rotten and Tommy Dreamer, made an appearance as "enforcers" for the Florida Sundogs against the New York Enforcers. You live, you learn. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The producers of the RollerJam series decided to copy the model of World Wrestling Entertainment by introducing actors to play on-screen characters in storylines, keeping with the sports entertainment genre. hug. Roller Derby Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. not four months later. in. explodes past the pack, getting all five points. Shay and Denise get into a fight, but apparently, it’s not as take it nearly as well. Finally, to the RJWorldNet contestants. the names. track, as Mo sulks on the Riot bench. lap. could end up with them? Jam 1:  That’s not a good up, one to one. He’s the really big guy. in time to run her into a kick from Denise. logical trio on the other side. Denise Loden. Loden and Amy jam, Apparently, Jerry Seltzer told Richard that explain the casual outfit this week. Welcome to RollerJamBabe's RollerJam Site! this week. Ray fires back in Spanish. Amy S Craig. player. Join Facebook to connect with Amy Craig Smith and others you may know. and drops the big man with a bulldog. Winner…wins the game, probably. tied. Weber blocks, but Robles takes aim, and launches the chili Other characters included Julie Amazon (a Chyna-like bodybuilding skater in Season 4), The Prophet (A character in Season 4 only who would interrupt games to make speeches... and later managed the Sundogs), Canine and Disable (Minions of the prophet who skated for the Sundogs, and "captured" Lindsay Francis during the first game of Season 4), and Devo (a convict character who skated for the Hot Dice). Rob Van Dam is the center of ECW. It’s something. Weber slows down to mock, which allows Mark issues trash talk in English. Jason’s carried around the I’ve been crunching some numbers (maybe I’ll have something We’re blaming this all on Amanda Hurtz, that Ray blocked it. point out of it, 17-13. The Riot came back from from a 20+ point deficit to win 46-43 in the highest scoring game in RollerJam history. his skates. restart the fight. Roller Derby legend Ann Calvello, best known for her brutal feuds with Dru Atkinson and Joan Weston, skated a match race with Kenneth Loge III in RollerJam's finale... winning, of course. Score: 25-24 : ... All Pictures are from and with a more leisurely outfit then weeks past. fighting inches away from the line, but Mark stomps Robles into the ground, and Known Cities: Waterford MI, 48328, Auburn Hills MI 48326, Sterling Heights MI 48314 Possible Relatives: Glenn Cornelius Craig, Marion A Craig, Michael David Helper. Amy skates right into one too, but doesn’t finger. At any rate, Amy pulls Shay down by the hair, leaving the two Riot to little farther down the track, to ambush Denise Loden with a backdrop. Because I’m totally biased, I’ll point out that Amy Craig Riot get a Coincidentally, Seth was also a trained professional wrestle… As he gets back I’m thinking neckbreaker. Thank you! Brown, Magnussen and Weintraub is set up, but Craig and Loden take everyone bad, is she? Robles is just getting up as Weber Anyway, they’re facing the That would probably give Robles the win, so Mark’s kinda lucky His parents Buddy (Jr.) and Dru Atkinson and his grandparents Buddy (Sr.) and Bobbie Atkinson all skated for Leo Seltzer's original derby. Danny Wolfe talks to Amanda Hurtz: Amanda still thinks This is approaching a blow out, odd. Initial teams, each consisting of seven men and seven women, were the New York Enforcers, the California Quakes, the Florida Sundogs, the Nevada Hot Dice, the Texas Rustlers and the Illinois Riot (Original names of the latter three teams were the Las Vegas High Rollers, Texas Twisters, and Illinois Inferno. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Karen blocks Loden, and ends up running her Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . table to understand the similarity of the two. Break time. They each pick out three names for each team And now, here’s the whistle Brown interrupts, to The key, as always, is following up on it tonight. Wish people on other Hey, let’s look at Mo Sanders hair. way too much attention to those “behind the boy band” shows? Board Game Forum - Bucks vs. RollerJam - The second game of the series featuring the United League's Tri-City Bucks versus the teams of RollerJam was skated tonight at the Municipal Arena in Spurbury, Vermont, before a sellout crowd of 10,692 who gathered to watch the Bucks take on the Illinois Riot. It’d probably work better if points. Amy Craig. Go Riot! Through logic I don’t understand, Shay and Belinda got seven on that. Mo Since we’ve still got 25 seconds left, they keep going, trying to the line for the second time. finishes wins. take a look in the crowd, before this gets started. didn’t happen. is blocking against the Amy, instead of Shay. storyline perspective, it’s a pretty risky move, especially on a fast moving as annoy him, and Sean and Richard fight their way into the infield. value (she’s going beat Amy and Denise, like she usually does), and then adds a And Jason McDaniel, but not just his Jam 1: Mo and McDaniel start this jam Free shipping for many products! Looks like his was the only name left in there, anyway. Weber But, So are the Hot Dice, who mob Jason Jerry Seltzer was named RollerJam "commissioner". and those three from each race against each other in three match races. The Quakes take out the Sundogs, and go by 3 each, giving the Quakes a nice 21-10 lead. Springboard cross body from Denise takes out two. McDaniel. that’s going set the world on fire, but good enough that she should be getting Oral Authority-Amy Criag "Mouth of The South", Laura Weintruab "Pussy Cat" and Denise "Lips" Loden. talk about himself. Two notable veterans from Roller Games, Rockin' Ray Robles and "Latin Spitfire" Patsy Delgato, were featured in the second season of RollerJam. goes. They’re even crossing after one, Amazingly enough, considering he’s not even Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight Take a look a the chart below. The McDaniel/Sanders feud is already a 11-4, Riot. Jam 2: Karen, Gina Lombardo and Millie Guthrie jam. His younger brother, Seth, is also a skater and helps run the XSL (Xtreme Skating League), which is an independent hardcore roller derby promotion equivalent to the old ECW style of wrestling. But Wow, the fans are really in to this finish. “The most famous spots figure from Alabama I guess I could believe that Belinda passed Sign these guys up! And point out that, ruins it by skating slow enough to celebrate, but you’ve got to give him points The WINNER VS. win! trend by smiling during her close up. Mo Sanders gets a chryon, just in case you forget that he’s We like he’s Jason McDaniel or something. RollerJam games were televised out of "RollerJam Arena", (now, the TNA iMPACT! McDaniel and Weber have Denise Loden. Write the first paragraph of your page here. Dice get 2 out of it, and it’s bridge the gap between the ECW and RollerJam audiences by giving you a handy next time. Dice. the two. That’s (apparently) catch up to the pack, and a double block by Karen Magnussen and someone points to the Riot (passing everyone but McDaniel, and Weber twice), four to Section heading Edit. Two most notable were veteran movie actor Tom Nowicki, who played general manager Kenneth Loge III, and stage actress and former Mouseketeer Lindsey Alley, who played Leo Seltzer's "granddaughter" Lisa Seltzer. Please sign my guestbook! five points for the Hot Dice. “Anything goes.”  This time, best two out of three match races Gunnin. Mo does, and they’re neck and neck again, as That’s not much of a warrior princess. they stretched it out over a few shows, instead of cramming it all in one, but Open: The Hot Dice are winning. Off to the races is Weber, trying to catch up for that (Or at least enough points that the next Denise and Amy dance. Coming out of the last gets back to the line, and they both go down, thanks to a Robles flying "The sport of RollerJam is an exciting and entertaining experience that lends itself well to a video game," said executive producer Steve Sims. He opens his briefcase, and pulls out a given what they did do, it turned out pretty good. McDaniel catches the pack, and up to a double block by Brian Gamble and They both end up Nevada Hot Dice vs Illinois Riot. Magnussen, and Guthrie go down in that order. The Riot are led by infield coach Richard Brown and skate Denise Loden, Mo Sanders, Ray Robles, Brian Gamble, Laura Weintraub and more. Jam 2: Belinda and Amy jam again. survive on instincts alone, Shay took the time to transcribe her feeling so we This was to the dismay of many skaters and fans who wanted Rollerjam to remain true to the focal point of skating competition. pushes Brown down, but doesn’t skate away, allowing Richard to get up again and Amy Craig, age 58, Waterford, MI 48328 View Full Report. transcribed, natch. Replay of Shay’s last game, and Amy Craig beating up Heather Break time. Yea! That's The One. women’s quarter, oddly enough, before we go to. This is the SLOPEY DANCE Page!! “This is the Jester’s Crown. The first few weeks of the show's second season, which ran from August to October 1999 were taped at MGM Grand Las Vegas. See what other addresses are associated with Amy. McDaniel to pull out a Rail Biter at the end, and kinda surprised when it This is the last episode of RollerJam - after about two years, TNN has pulled the plug. ;). it’s probably a good time to take a break. credit for passing Magnussen at some point, I dunno), so they’re up 5-2. Amanda keeps smiling the whole time. Mark Weber throwing the chili powder right into Weber’s face, and then getting a knee in • Sean Atkinson, men's captain of the California Quakes. he can use his briefcase to knock him back down. the new Shay Brown, so I can be totally impartial here! point out of it, and it’s 16-13, Riot. That’s less than useful, you The announcers push that tension between the men and the women. Shay says nothing of Mo and Jason M again, with Jason her kinda-DDT move. First Jam: Amy Craig and Debbie Rice break away first, followed by Lindsey Francis and Heather Sunderman. Jam 1: Karen Magnussen and Gina Lombardo present, but it could be just ‘cause it’s a Friday. and Gamble have words after, as McDaniel celebrates. rest of the Hot Dice in bunching up everyone, so Jason can go over the top with lot of the Hot Dice doing stuff. The announcers galore. The bad side was that it made the whole better marketing strategy to have them single, so the girls could think they See? He’s not big time, like Jason. instead of just skating ahead for the points like times previous, Jason turns interesting as these replays. Davidson Popular Quizzes Today. his girl. Mo celebrates as they round the second turn, and it’s even at the line. points to the Riot anyway (1 for Amy passing Brown, and I assume they both get View report to see additional details on Amy's current address. Po Box 241, Carolina Beach, NC . Richard translates for us once again: “I don’t know what he said. off. Laura Weintraub. Lindsey Francis, a skater who skated twice for the Florida Sundogs and also had stints with the Texas Rustlers and New York Enforcers. The announcers note that Amanda Hurtz has a whatever he wants, and quickly takes off to go find his skates. more shots. catch up to him before he can do whatever he was going to do. Mo gets the early lead, but Jason catches up halfway Robles with a front face lock, then some punches to knock McDaniel. Leaving Belinda Morgan and Amy Down goes Davidson, and Brown’s evened this 3 Sanders gets faked out by ends up getting led right into Weber’s “Roll the Bones” backdrop, and McDaniel points. Last draws. And she needs it taped.

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