Pro-secession activists are inspired in part by Texas’ history and are aggrieved by what they see as misconduct by the federal government. No state is seceding anywhere anytime soon. Hunting, camping and fishing type people. After the Supreme Court threw out a lawsuit against the swing states which voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 Election, the Texas GOP threatened to secede from the United States. The very idea is ludicrous as no states have most people on one "side" or the other. "You can't claim to be patriotic and file a bill for Texas to secede from the union," said Abhi Rahman, a spokesman for the Texas Democratic Party. Rick Perry (R) expressed similar sentiments in 2009, threatening secession if "Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people." December 5, 2012. Texas and some other red states are clamoring to secede from the United States because Joe Biden won the election. With socialist ideals on the rise, lawmakers in Texas say they are considering pursuing a Brexit-style departure. I decided to make this video after the fuss about the latest petition let Texas secede from The Union. Not even Texas can legally secede from the union. That might be obvious, but it's a point that French, the author, focuses on when he talks about how a California exit could come about, as he did in the New York Times “ The Argument " … Some Texas Republicans want to secede from union over Trump loss. Ignoring the whole “can Texas secede” (the answer is “no”) and assuming that the US government decided not to fight it, chances are that Texas is large enough to sustain itself. Instead of Brexit, call it Texit. But we have known over the years that the momentum has been growing in the State of Texas by polls, and other ways that we can tell that people are more and more wanting this.” reported that Biedermann using the hashtag #TEXIT has written that the movement for a secession referendum “perfectly aligns” with Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution . Texas, like many other states, tried to secede from the union in the 1860s in order to join the Confederated States of America. The Texas Republican Party chairman released a statement that all but calls for the state to secede from the Union immediately. In 2006, former Justice Antonin Scalia wrote that the Civil War settled the case that a state cannot secede from the union. Replies (0) 10 8. One of the issues in the case of Texas v. And, lawmakers in other states have shown a similar interest. The secession movement in Texas last gained momentum in 2016 after the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the European Union, commonly known as Brexit. Replies (0) Options Top. Texas can operate as a stand-alone entity with energy, food, water and roads as if we were a closed-loop system," Smitherman said. The Supreme Court directly addressed the secession question in Texas vs. White in 1868. Back to top. While these stories do pop up every few years the petition is interesting because it asks people when they sign for their state of residence. Texas Gov. Allen West, chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, at Trump Tower in New York. A new debate over Texas secession is far from the first. Before 1836, Texas was a Mexican province, but seceded for various reasons, including a slavery ban in Mexico and geographical proximity to and important trade relations with the United States. The head of the Texas Republican Party floated the threat of seceding from the U.S. in a tantrum over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to bounce a baseless Texas election lawsuit. Fanning the flames of secession were recent comments made by Allen West, chairman of the state Republican Party, after a Texas-led lawsuit aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election results in four battleground states was dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court. Texas v. White did, however, suggest another way a state might secede: “through revolution." Except, that’s not entirely true. Without revealing any specifics, the referendum would query whether Texas should assert its independence from the United States. On February 23, 1861, citizens of Texas voted overwhelmingly to secede from the United States, by 75% as 46,153 to 14,747. My best contractor for steel work moved back to Texas. Andrew Harnik/AP. The economic engine of Texas is not gonna want to secede. There have been suggestions that Texas holds the right to secede from the union if they wish. The Dallas Morning News' Briana Lao wrote in 2018 that a court case from 1868, Texas v. White, makes secession virtually impossible in a legal sense. When I grew up, our best family friends were from Texas, Arizona, and Utah, and they still contact us. The legalities of secession have been analyzed in detail by various commentators and, in particular, the secessionist organizations. Party strategist said afterwards that ‘there is no chance’ the Lone Star State breaks away, amid GOP denial over election defeat. Additionally, because Texas has 25 military bases and the only nuclear assembly plant in the United States in its borders, these could be used to advantage should secession become a real issue. Reply. And, as a refresher, no, Texas can’t legally secede from the U.S. Alex Briseno. The statement was released after the Supreme Court rejected a Texas challenge to President-elect Joe Biden's wins in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Texas has resources, they could make it as an independent sovereign nation. Texas GOP chairman Allen West, right, speaks to supporters of President Donald Trump during a rally in front of City Hall in Dallas, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020. FLTech USA Fan Cumming, Georgia Member since Sep 2017 6116 posts. White that no state was legally allowed to secede. During the American Civil War , Texas was invaded by Union troops many times including the final major clash of the war which was the Battle of Palmito Ranch , on May 12–13, 1865. The legality of the attempt of Texas to secede reached the United States Supreme Court in 1869. The Texas GOP has floated the notion that it could possibly secede from the United States of America. The court held that individual states could not secede from the Union. “Current Supreme Court precedent, in Texas v. White, holds that the states cannot secede from the union by an act of the state. Alex Briseño is covering politics in Austin for The Dallas Morning News. Yet the myth that Texas can easily secede persists, in part, because of the state’s history of independence. Texas State Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R), a conservative and former hardware store owner and gun dealer, says he will introduce a bill that would place a referendum on secession on the November ballot as early as this week. On Friday, the court rejected Texas’ attempt to challenge votes from the battleground states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that voted for President-elect Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump . Secession has been a part of Texas history for longer than the state has existed. Biedermann compared his proposal to Brexit in an interview with the local station Fox 7 on Thursday. Can Texas Secede from The Union? However, Texas does fail at a few things that would enable it to thrive as an independent nation. Texas could do pretty well if they did secede. Texas v. White: What the U.S. Supreme Court Decided. As MAGA World’s hopes for an election redo have slipped away, an equally improbable idea has begun to percolate among Donald Trump’s most bitterly disappointed followers: secession. I’d live there.

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