At Glass & Stainless we are more than happy to replicate an etched design. Definitely adding an etched glass logo will offer a distinctive look for your office lobby. 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 reviews $ 25.00. Customers have used LED, florescent and low voltage lighting to make the glass floor a dramatic feature - during the day and during the night. The perimeter members are put into place into a prepared opening. Etched Glass Etchlite is a float glass, one side of which has been treated with acid to produce a fine grain, satiny finish. The nature of toughened glass causes it to shatter into small oval-shaped pebbles when broken. Textured top surface for safety -  Whether you choose a glass floor landing or a glass block paver walkway, the top surface of the glass is designed with anti-skid protection. Custom Designed and Handcrafted by Crawford Studios in Fanny Bay, on Beautiful Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. They can be incorporated in to many balustrade frame designs using the finest colour matched rails & glass fittings. See more ideas about glass, sandblasted, glass etching. How can I protect someone with wet shoes from slipping?Structural glass floors are made with glass ceramic frit pattern on the top surface to minimize any chance of slipping. Aluminum grids comes in a standard clear anodized finish or custom color are also availalble. Glass stair panels are fast becoming the new spindles of staircases, as the light and airy properties of glass open up any staircase.. We have one of the largest ranges of glass stair parts and accessories from great companies such as Richard Burbidge with their Fusion range and Cheshire Mouldings with their Reflections, Clearview and Elements with Glass ranges. Different shaped panels are used for the staircase and the landing. This opening can be prepared into wood, steel, aluminum supporting structures. For the most sight through the floor consider using the "horizontal perforation" or Industrial looking "boiler plate" patterns. Our glass panel staircases are the best option for those looking for a fusion of contemporary and classical. High quality toughened glass balustrade panels by award winning Made2Measure. There are choices of stair patterns to choose from. For example, you may want to copy a design from your front door or hallway mirror. Advantages Etched Glass, Shaded Glass, and Carved Glass provide unlimited design freedom with as much or little detail as required. When designing your Glass stairway, Florida Stairworks can utilize various combinations of glass, newels, and railings to achieve your individual look. Common places where glass floors and staircases are used include: We are delighted to team up with internationally known artist Walter Gordinier to combine fine art glass castings to the world of functional (and decorative) glass floors, bridges and stairs. These can come in clear glass, or with various vinyl etched designs for that individual look. Install the spanning members for the first row and then spacer as needed. Glass flooring systems from IBP are the elegant way to open up an area to pedestrian traffic without creating "dead space" below, or show floors in an entirely new light? Inspired by Tiffany glass designs, this piece features a floral motif in hues of blue, red, and yellow. Our glass panel system allows you to create the look of a stunning modern staircase at a realistic price. Glass floors can be used inside or outside - If you need a small glass floor bridge to span sections of your home's interior or an expansive glass deck to move light to your patio and basement windows below - there's a solution for you. Large spans of glass flooring are possible - Using a combination of the aluminum perimeter members (on the outside of the glass floor system) and the spanning members (between the glass panel sections), you can ceate larger area of glass. There are 4 standard "frit" patterns - but custom patterns are also available. We allow 15mm horizontal space between newel post or wall and the glass and between each panel of glass. Our glass panels are the BEST on the market and with the stylish option of LED illumination, they are the BEST choice when you want to preserve your view. You can get rid of your dark patio and let it shine with a glass deck above. It’s crafted from 80 hand-cut art glass panels, featuring three glass beads for an extra touch of eye-catching appeal. Slip resistance is achieved through the use of a ceramic based frit which is permanently heat fused to the walking surface. Designed to carry the weight - Most people don't realize this structural glass floor system can carry 2 times the weight of a common flooring system with wood joists. Our glass panels are very thick, heavy (8.6 lbs each for 26″ high panel) and are made to withstand the elements. At Florida Stairworks, we are able to work with flat, bent, curved, and either tempered or laminated glass as the job dictates. Glass … Let Innovate Building Solutions assist you in designing a structurally sound glass flooring system which stands the test of time in any luxury home, commercial or retail space. The design incorporates some bespoke design etched toughened glass panels - a simple addition but an excellent way to personalise the balcony area. These glass floor planks can be made into various sizes, shapes with different levels of obscurity to match most any design. 95 Glass Staircase Panels - Stair and Landing Panel Options . In the past, we have used standard glass, colored, and low ironed glass to achieve the clearest look. Some clients have chosen to have the glass etched. Glass floor and glass staircase systems provide a functional and structurally sound surface for walking while giving your home or commercial, retail space these benefits : Light transmission from upper to lower levels. Can the floor be illuminated?Absolutely- illumination under a glass floor creates the ultimate wow factor. Dec 22, 2020 - Original Sandblasted etched and carved interior partitions, feature panels, and more, for the Home and Business. Light passes through a GlassWalk glass floor, so more natural light reaches the space underneath--an important consideration for walkways. In addition this structural glass floor  can be used in wood, tile, stone, or concrete floors to create a one of kind design. Our glass plank landings, walkways and staircases come with a range of transperancy options. This glass floor system combines a lightweight, easty to install, structural aluminum grid with laminated glass floor planks which fit inside the grid. The soft, satiny look is in harmony with current trends towards minimalist pure forms and glass with neutral appearance. See more ideas about glass stairs, stairs design, glass balustrade. Bespoke Stained Glass Panels Our large range of beautiful bespoke Stained Glass panels are available in a variety of contemporary and traditional styles. Treated glass requires very little maintenance other than occasional washing with soap and water or another glass cleaner. About Glass Railing. 1.) Glass floor walkways, bridges, stairs and decks allow light to move from upper to lower levels. The most common commercial applications include restaurant dividers, logos, wall panels, balcony and stair panels. Translucent patterns are available using a fully etched obscurity frit or a satin etch finish. The treads are made with ceramic frit baked on the walking surface to maximize slip resistance. Apply pre-cut extruded silicone cushions to the sides of each grid before setting the structural glass floor planks in place. Glass baluster panels of course. Toughened glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass. Innovate structural glass floor systems not only include the glass planks or pavers you need - but also the aluminum framing or brackets to support your glass. Etched glass is one of the premiere decorative glass options. All our glass is: 8mm thick Toughened The longest any one panel can be is 1100mm, due to building regulations.

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