He is working in the garden with his hair down and no sunglasses. Molossia went to Europe once out of news that Vuldstein was there, but never found him. When visited by tourists, he combs his hair back, he also then wears a golden chain necklace as well as a green jacket and sunglasses. He wears a blue jacket with white shirt and a light blue tanktop underneath it. At first, Molassia was very skeptical to form an alliance with him, but did so after seeing that they were very much in the same boat. Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos 17 Works in Hutt River/Molossia (Hetalia). Therefore, the english translations for the names in their identity cards are different. Germany is one of the main characters of the Hetalia series. Despite being surrounded by the United States, the two rarely talk and America never remembers who he is immediately. Molossia looks up to Serborga as a role model. ... Molossia: Anthony Gunner Jones Monaco: Gianna Bonnefoy Netherlands: Tim Maes New Zealand: Toby Kirkland Some of them are possible human names that Himaruya stated and the others were having researched by me. Tags for country names are also used for illustrations unrelated to Axis Powers Hetalia (e.g. His middle name is the first name of Molossian President Kevin Braugh. His physical appearance is 23 years old. Along with the other micronations: Christendom, Serborga, and Wy, he considers Sealand to be apart of his "Axis of Evil," and his UM. As many human names as I could find. Although he doesn't consider Serborga to be apart of the main "Axis of Evil" comprised of Sealand and Christendom, he considers him a very prominent member of the UM. Hetalia Archives is a FANDOM Anime Community. Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. Molossia constantly sends America letters declaring his independence, but America has never opened them. Maurizio. Molossia has short, brown hair and hazel eyes. See more ideas about Hetalia, Anime, Axis powers. Wy sees him as weirdo, to put in account. Molossia (モロッシア, Morosshia) is a minor character in the series Hetalia:Axis Powers. Some of these are suggested by fans. Sep 5, 2019 - Explore Erika F. Jones's board "Molossia", followed by 1928 people on Pinterest. Read Human Names from the story Hetalia Headcanons by wrakspurtsandnargles (Hutt River™) with 807 reads. He lives in a house with his nation's president located outside of Dayton, Nevada. By Othelle. He has a greenish streak of paint across his face (Appearing more of a tan/red color in the anime), extending from his right cheek to his nose. He sounds like a frat boy and often uses modern street language, very much like America, in his speech. He also claims to be a great naval power. Molossia tends to go back and forth on his feelings about America and waffles on whether he is friend or an enemy. He currently is in a state of military mobilization to fight him. So, If you hard to find some Hetalia fanon human names, read this article. Read Human Names from the story Hetalia Headcanons by wrakspurtsandnargles (Hutt River™) with 807 reads. Comment. He tries to discourage Sealand from attending the World Assembly out of a desire to protect him from the large nations. However when he's alone, the sunglasses will be gone and his hair is left undone. His pet then comes to him to ask for food. Meaningful Name: The name is a Historical In-Joke with Yamato being the ancient name of Japan and Nara is the original capital city. However when he's alone, the sunglasses will be gone and his hair is left undone. This update was definitely one of the most amazing ones. Molossia is a fan-made character for the manga and anime series Hetalia. Also, being the largest of the micronations in size and economy, he is happy to serve as Molossia's advisor on the few occasions that he actually seeks real advice. His human name is Morro Kevin Jameson. He has an American flag in his house next to his native flag. I made some of them. On instinct, he switches his personality to a more reckless one and demands angrily from them on the reason why they're here. As a result, Molossia makes it a point to tell Switzerland that he does not recognize him. Miss Antarctica. He likes to work in the garden whenever no one's around and has an intendency to drive people away with inappropriate behaviour and reckless language. He tries hard to recruit him onto his path of satire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gangsters, including Bugsy Siegel and members of the Al Capone gang, ran casinos there in the early to mid 20th century. There is potentially a character for every country that exists now or ever has, even ones that were never independent countries like Hong Kong, and supernational states like the Holy Roman Empire. Prussia misinterprets these remarks as serious inflammatory remarks about his character and finds him very irritating due to the fact that he never leaves him alone. Molossia and Liechenstein: Liechenstein is one of the few countries that he recognizes as a country. Hutt River (Hetalia)/Molossia (Hetalia) Molossia (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Hutt River (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Seychelles (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Taiwan (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Wy (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Alternate Universe - Post-Apocalypse; Christmas Fluff; Cute teenage lesbians traveling the … ( Fem!America ) Amelia E. Jones. He admits in a Christmas 2011 panel that he's embarrassed when the Micronation group saw his true self. As the years crept on, the personification of Molossia grew, no faster or slower than a regular human child. Miss Antarctica. Hetalia Fan Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Ladonia wears dark pants and a white jacket with frilly lapels and large cuffs, which are gray. It is not clear if all this is just a joke or a cry for attention to his grandfather. The rabbit is her boss' favourite animal, along with the dolphin. It would seem that. I search some human names for more accurate than the fanon names (Except if it's accurate). Molossia's mobster-like appearance (his white "zoot suit", sunglasses, and slick hair) is likely a reference to the history of organized crime in the Nevadan city of Las Vegas (and to a lesser extent, Reno) and the stereotypes associated with it. Search Works. However, in Cantonese, it was pronounced as "Wong4 Yiu6". America is technically Molossia's uncle; however, he rarely acknowledges Molossia and vice-versa. 173 Comments. He emulates him as the one who paved the way for micronations. ( America ) Alfred F. Jones. Monaco: Clarisse Bonnefoy. He wears a simple salmon button-up shirt and green pants. He is voiced by Patrick Seitz in the English version and by Hiroki Yasumoto in the Japanese version. He is the founder and leader of the UM (United Micronations). He is loud and boisterous and often yells that he is a country; however, nobody recognizes him a such. He wears blue pants and black shoes. Lots of letters. Hetalia human names All information come from Google or what I already know about the language/culture. He jokingly declared America his enemy and has also been "fighting" a war with East Germany since 1983. Molossia (モロッシア, Morosshia) is a supporting character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers. She makes her anime debut in Hetalia: The Beautiful World in the episode "Keep on moving!! Their friendship is strong due to their common micronationship. He is the anthromorphization of the micronation, The Republic of Molossia. March Forward, Sealand! He believes Molossia's militaristic imperialism to be completely legitimate and is strongly vocal of his hatred towards him. hetaliaaxispowers, hetalia, hetaliaworldtwinkle. America: Alfred F. Jones America: Amelia F. Jones Molossia: Maverick C.(Cecil) Jones Molossia: Thomasina “Tammy”C. Navigation and Actions. 479 Favourites. If you want (and dificult) to find the human names in Hetalia, you can see here. Human Names for Nyotalia These names are NOT official but there some names that Himaruya liked but never been official. This is a list of human names and nicknames used for works related to Axis Powers ヘタリア. He is the anthromorphization of the micronation, The Republic of Molossia. hetaliaaxispowers, hetalia, hetaliaworldtwinkle. Molossia sometimes eggs and TPs his house on Ernst Thälmann Island as part of his "war effort." About 3 hours of research went into this. If there’s no explanation, I simply picked the name I liked more among the ones suggested by Himaruya. His human name is Morro Kevin Jameson. It was founded by drug abusers looking for a place to legally use narcotics. However, Molossia actually likes Christiania and consides him apart of his "Axis of Evil" along with Sealand and he is a participant in the UM. He often tells him how one day they will take over the world together. He prefers his hair slicked up so that the wind does not blow it in his eyes when he is on the farm growing crops. Although he can't remember specifics, Molossia does remember that he had fun and enjoyed growing up under him. America: Alfred F. Jones America: Amelia F. Jones Molossia: Maverick C.(Cecil) Jones Molossia: Thomasina “Tammy”C. Molossia acts calm and mild with America. I also chosen some potential or possible human names that I liked. He was suppose to represent the Protectorate of New Atrium, a territory of Molassia located somewhere in Pennsylvania. Hetalia Human Names in My Version - Part 2 (M-Z) raingarn. Molossia has a dog that oddly looks like an alpaca. He only recognizes Andorra, Liechenstein, San Marino, Monaco, and Sebargo as legitimate countries. Thus, in a Christmas 2011 panel, America is surprised to see Molossia acting repulsive and angry toward him. America: No official or suggested names by Himaruya.In the Japanese fandom she is referred to as Emily Jones, although some English-speaking have named her Amelia. Christiania fails to understand the humor of Molossia and takes him too seriously. ... Human Names Hetalia. She'll deputize for East Ukraine (in Ukraine's expected - her mother) but now she's a representative for Novorossiya - by two separatist provinces are Donetsk and Luhansk belong territory of East Ukraine component. ( Australia ) Jett Kirkland. As many human names as I could find. Molossia and Christiania: Christiania is the human form of the micronation, Freetown Christiania, surrounded by Denmark. By: BFTLandMWandSEK. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown because Vuldstein disappeared while he was very young. He has black shades but they are circle shaped. landscape art of countries). ONE-SHOT. Generation Xerox: He's the grandson of Howard, an aidé that England had in World War II. He struggles to remember what became of him and oftens keeps his satire up as a tribute to him. As I explained about Hetalia human names before, I have made this list for you.. A > Ancient Egypt – Hatshepsut Philopator (Past time) or Jehan Hassan (Modern time) > Ancient Rome – Romulus Augustus (Past time) or Romulus Vargas (Modern time) > Australia – Kyle Smith B > Belgium – Laura Janssens or Laura van Janssen > Bulgaria – Georgi Dimitrov (Past time) or George Dimitrov … Aside from his outbursts, he makes no legitimate effort to gain the world's recognition. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Molossia asks Prussia/GDR how the war is doing everytime he sees him. He lacked the intuitive connecting to his population that other Nations held and it was argued by some that he was more … Alfalfa, Molossia's dog, unearths a small journal. Molossia was born on September 3, 1999. When he is not prenetending to be a "super-serious military commander" he is out drinking from a keg or driving his Lexus. Molossia is a fan-made character for the manga and anime series Hetalia. Add to Favourites. He has refused to sign the nuclear proliferation treaty as he believes nuclear weapons are vital to his safety from the "foreign menace." ", which adapts the Volume 4 manga strip of the same name. Italy: Official name is Alice (pronounced Ah-LEE-che). He loves pretending to be militaristic and boasts about his naval power. Losts of past. :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: :cactus: :cherry_blossom: Attributes. Non-Human Sidekick: Sealand was seen with a seagull (with a hat matching his own) on a chibi drawing of himself. Ladonia appears to be a young boy with ruffled red hair and blue-gray eyes. As many human names as I could find. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. https://hetalia.fandom.com/wiki/Molossia?oldid=64108. APH Human Names. H… He has a gold apple pin attached to his lapel, which represents a Ladonian legend about golden apples that grant immortality. Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese have different pronunciations in words. It is stated in a line that he can't lift his head against America. England has blonde hair, forest green eyes, and huge eyebrows. See more ideas about hetalia, anime, hetalia characters. 2p Molossia is portrayed with blonde hair that is mostly slicked up. Molossia answers happily to this but that's when he actually notices the micronation group in front of him. Molossia has short, brown hair and hazel eyes. ... Molossia: Maverick Jones Monaco: Germaine Bonnefoy Mongolia: Batukhan Ulan ... Hetalia Human Names (2ptalia + Nyotalia included!) Please tell me if I forgot a character. Start studying Hetalia Human Names (With Nyotalia, Catalia and 2P). Please tell me if I forgot a character. Browse through and read or take hetalia micronation stories, quizzes, and other creations He attended school, played with friends, and seemed in every way possible a regular human child. Human name is Yasemin Braginskaya (ヤセミンブラギンスカヤ Yaseminburaginsukaya). It is only when others approach that he becomes a loud, aggressive person with a sharp attitude. Honestly if someone saw my … He is the son of Vuldstein; however, he has barely any recollection of him. He is the son of the micronation the Grand Republic of Vuldstein and the nephew of America. Himaruya, Hetalia Wiki, Various FanArtists, and me for some things. Take China's name "王耀" as an example, in Mandarin Chinese, it was pronounced as "Wang2 Yao4". If … Add to Favourites. Hetalia Human Names (2ptalia + Nyotalia included!) Serborga is glad always to be in the presence of Molossia since he is the only country who recognizes his claim to nationhood. It is questionable whether Wy knows of Molossia's existence. His human name is Ludwig. Molossia. Molossia has little to no memory of Vuldstein other than that, like him, he takes nothing seriously. Molossia's official debut in the series is Episode 129, It's A Treasure Box Of Countries ~Part 1 where the micronation group visits him to request on joining their group. Molossia does not actually hate Prussia/East Germany; however, and has neutral feelings towards him personally. The war is a complete joke on Molossia's part. Smallest Country Republic of Molossia Add Video Add Image Molossia is a fan-made character for the manga and anime series Hetalia. Molassia and Sealand: Sealand is Molassia's best and only real friend. Despite being a member of the UM (although it is speculative as to whether or not she even knows she is in it) Molossia and Wy have never interacted. His joking nature makes it really difficult for the other countries to tell if he is every being serious. Being founded in 1963, he is the first modern-day micronation. 245 Favourites 77 Comments 101K Views. aph, countries, ... Human Names Hong Kong ... Molossia and Hong Kong Despite his muscular tone, rough voice, and taller-than-average stature, he is very friendly. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed Hutt River has a bilby. (Last names/Surnames are still the same like their counter-parts (except for Liechtenstein but fans used Zwingli)). The Japanese prefectures do not have official names. A popular name in the US for children born in 1999, the year Molossia declared its independence. Despite his general good humor, he suffers sometimes from bouts of depression brought on by feelings of lonliness. His best friend is Sealand, the only country who treats him with an ounce of seriousness. Wy was seen with a bunny in her first manga appearance. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help you improve your grades. She is voiced by Mikako Komatsu in Japanese and by Lindsay Seidel in English. In many ways, Molossia does look up to America as his role model as his euphemisms, his style, and the way he deals with others are largely based on his personality. Germany: Official name is Monica, or Monika as the Germany variant. Molossia and Prussia/East Germany: Molossia constantly mentions how he is in an ongoing war with East Germany; waged since 1983. Wy was seen with a bunny in her first manga appearance. Fan Nickname: He wasn't given a name at first, so the fandom called him "Bartholomew Workbitch", or just "Workbitch". Molossia and Vuldstein: Vuldstein was Molossia's father. The rabbit is her boss' favourite animal, along with the dolphin. Unlike his friend and fellow micronation, Sealand, he has not once shown up to the World Assembly because, in his words, it is, "very boring." His human name is Morro Kevin Jameson. ( Fem!Austria ) Jilli Kirkland. https://hetaliafanmadecharacters.fandom.com/wiki/Molossia?oldid=20965. Molossia has few relationships with other countries, and he doesn't tend to take them seriously. He has a joking personality and takes absolutely nothing seriously. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Please tell me if I forgot a character. Nov 3, 2019 - Explore the.birthday.posse's board "Hetalia: Sealand(Peter Kirkland)", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. The characters of Hetalia: Axis Powers (often shortened to just Hetalia) are Japanese manga/anime personifications of various nations, countries and micronations.The personalities of each individual character are based upon stereotypes of the nations, countries and micronations depicted. Molossia boasts often of his power and has declared himself the "superpower of the micro-world." However, he does not consider Christiania to be a real friend like Sealand due to his adamant loathing of him. Molossia: Jacob Jones. He jokes heavily that he is not a country, but ultimately has strong admiration for his friend. He admires himself as the first parody of countries to actually become one. He has expressed at one point a desire to own the whole word, but again nobody can tell if this is a serious claim or a joke. [Human Names Used] Elizaveta had lived a live of solitude and strict manners for eighteen years, her sorrow fate being set when she stepped onto the RMS Titanic with the hundreds of other souls sailing to a new life in America. Hetalia – Human Names Sometimes I see around posts with the names people use for characters that don’t have a canon one, and here is mine. Feb ... Taken from the founder of Republic of Molossia, Kevin Baugh. Credit. Example: Described as a "mysterious micronation located in the American state of Nevada", he is a carefree, cheerful person when nobody is around. Hetalia Definition on bottom Hetalia-Country to human name (First Only for most) study guide by xXUmbreonandEeveeXx includes 60 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. He is unaware of the fact that Molossia accidentally thinks he is Sealand. By gilbugpls Watch. In a sign of good faith to America, Molossia renounced his claim and New Atrium disappeared. ... Molossia: Anthony Gunner Jones Monaco: Gianna Bonnefoy Netherlands: Tim Maes New Zealand: Toby Kirkland Urgh it's been awhile since I played around with Sony Vegas. As many human names as I could find. I’ve seen a lot of different names used for Monaco, but I don’t think there is a predominant one so I felt free to choose one I liked. His first name is based on the Spanish word for, "small rocky hill." ... Human Names Hetalia. When visited by tourists, he combs his hair back, he also then wears a golden chain necklace as well as a green jacket and sunglasses. Read Hutt River/Luxembourg from the story Hetalia Headcanons by wrakspurtsandnargles (Hutt River™) with 1,000 reads. In many ways, he looks to him as the father-figure he never had. His last name, "Jameson," is derived from James Spielman, the king of Vuldstein. Whether Liechenstein finds Molossia likeable or irritating is not known, but she constantly refuses his offer, most likely out of her loyalty to Switerzland. ( Austria ) Roderich Edelstein. He also has a pet that he proclaims as a dog but some countries think of it as a different kind of creature. He also remembers that Vuldstein was a monarchy, which he is a bit ashamed of because he is a strong advocate for democracy. The characters were created by Hidekaz Himaruya, writer and illustrator of the webmanga series. Follow/Fav Two Faced. Molossia most likely added her to the UM just because. Non-Human Sidekick: Sealand was seen with a seagull (with a hat matching his own) on a chibi drawing of himself. Molossia reluctantly declines their offer but soon catches up to them and joins them. Japan: Official name is Sakura. Molossia has a dog … Why use human names and nicknames? He often asks her to leave Switzerland and join him and Sealand in their quest for power. He claims to have held an eight-acre large territory in Pennsylvania, which was the Protectorate of New Atrium; however, as a sign of good faith to America, relenquished his claim, although nobody knows where exactly it was located.

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