A one shot with aged up character Lev and Yaku from Haikyuu BDSM Yaku loves to be used Lev loves to abuse Its a match made in heaven Very Kinky. Akaashi and his crush go to a karaoke bar. by HamFam360 Follow. Before the third set begins, Lev vows to score twenty points. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. ... His older sister, Alisa, and mom would make sure he ate proper meals, preparing a balanced, healthy bento for him whenever he has practices during the weekends. During the first set, he misses several blocks. 0 comments. Date of Birth Sign up ... You, your older sister, and your cat were just trying to live normal lives in the city of Tokyo without your parents, but sometimes there's the occasional lit... Show more featured. Nekoma wins in the end and Lev calls out to Alisa from the court. https://haikyuu.fandom.com/wiki/Lev_Haiba?oldid=103889. Lev Haiba She currently works as a hair and makeup artist. After Hinata mistakenly touches the net during during a block, Lev would compliment his friend for his jump but still point out that he was able to give Yamamoto a scare at the same time. When Nekoma lost the match, Alisa is seen tearfully clapping for the team. They part ways, swearing that they will defeat each other. When Alisa thought Akane liked her brother, she accepted it happily and thought of ways they could bond if they became in-laws one day. Discover more posts about haikyuu+x+reader. Probably top 10 on my list. Debut Information Like Lev, Alisa has become a model. His half-Russian heritage gives him tall height, exceptional limb length, and physical ability. His first attempt at blocking Suguru fails when the Nohebi captain pulled off a feint right away. Alisa is taken by surprise at seeing Hinata's quick attack. Sugawara is tempted to use Hinata for the attack but hesitates when he feels Lev's presence. It's also been implied that she's a bit of an imaginative romantic, which was shown when she quickly jumped to the conclusion that Akane was in love with Lev. Position Share via Email Report Story Send. Haikyuu One~Shots! Lev Stories . Lev becomes frightened by Kenma's anger and becomes shocked when Kenma states that he is not as good a player as Hinata. Requested by Anna. is a sports manga series. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Model ⚠️I DO NOT OWN HAIKYUU … Lev nodded, Morisuke felt the motion against his arms, and walked for the stairs. Karasuno wins their first match on the day; however, Shinzen is able to predict Hinata's quick attacks, much to his annoyance. Like most of the spectators, Alisa's tricked by Nohebi's false sportsmanship initially and worries for Nekoma after seeing the members fall behind their opponents; however, she soon starts to realize that there's something wrong with the game. Land VS Air (OVA) Kuroo's little sister finally starts at Nekoma High and is the Boys Volleyball team's manager. Lev Haiba Weight Gain. Konoha takes the chance to mock Lev and Kenma on not being able to truly work together. Follow/Fav Haikyuu! Yaku often calls Lev's hits weak as he often misses. Shibayama goes in and assures Lev that he is right behind him. Discover more posts about haikyuu+x+reader. de todos os gêneros. Tokyo volleyball, anime, readerxcharacter. It was included in a limited edition DVD release of Haikyū! Haikyu!! Alisa comes to support her brother during Nekoma's match against Fukurōdani in the semifinals of the Spring High playoffs[1]. He asks if Kenma is alright only for the setter to angrily shout at him to concentrate on keeping the ball alive. : Lev Genzan! Tags. You called as you walked around the training camps, looking for your older brother. Character Info In the Anime share . Manga When the game continues, Lev spikes the ball and gets Nekoma to set and match point. His first serve clips the top of the net, forcing Hinata to make the receive, before Lev receives Tanaka's spike and gets silent criticism from Yaku for making a shoddy receive. favorite, though he is on another team, is the captain of Nekoma, Kuroo. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Haikyuu Petals YakuLev_Trash. Height Nekoma High (Former) After his serve is received and stopped, Lev rotates off the court where Coach Nekomata tells him that the worst thing for someone to do is something 'just because'. Age 22 comments. x Short! At one point, Lev is excited when he successfully blocks Tanaka's spike but quickly is annoyed when the ball had landed out of bounds. This surprises Lev, and the competition between the two ignites. Lev then becomes confused when Shibayama apologizes for not being able to receive the ball because he believes that, other than a serve, a lost point is not the fault of anyone player because all of their plays are connected. What a caring family. Lev quickly snaps back that it wouldn't matter how he blocks because Yaku is so good he would be able to save any ball; flattering Yaku in the process. Though in place to block, Hinata does a block-out against Lev's hand and scores. !, along with the 15th edition of the manga. Manga (Timeskip) He has neatly parted light grey hair, and catlike slanted green eyes framed with thin eyebrows. Haikyuu Lev Sister. 178.5cm (5' 10.3") His older sister, Alisa, and mom would make sure he ate proper meals, preparing a balanced, healthy bento for him whenever he has practices during the weekends. 79.7 kg (175.7 lbs) - Apr 2012 194.3 cm (6' 4.5") - Apr 2012 196 cm (6' 5.2") - Jan 2013 Throughout the match, Alisa cheers on Nekoma and Akane occasionally explains certain events to her. Alisa attends Nekoma's match against Karasuno. Fem. Add to library 875 Discussion 119. Date of Birth “The Arrival of Haiba Lev” or “Haikyu!! 6 4 46. comments. This is further demonstrated when Lev is able to prevent Hinata from spiking in one direction and he instead spikes in the direction where Fukunaga was waiting to receive. He manages to hit the ball at an incredible height but Washio managed to get a one-touch on it that Konoha sends back to Nekoma's side and scores. See a recent post on Tumblr from @mega-shsl-babie about haikyuu+x+reader. Image gallery 11 (High School 1st Year) Whether it be by holding your hand, or giving you a full-blown hug, he needs you within his reach. Send to Friend. Because, despite being unable to move, unable to pull himself out of that hell of judgmental glances and hateful comments and forever watching Lev’s back as he walked away, he could hear that far off voice. She is an average size for her age and has curly, light-colored hair that is tied in pigtails and clipped back with a cat clip. Afterwards, Alisa and Akane go to a restaurant and are seated along with some of the Karasuno supporters. Alisa replies with a story of her own about how she watched on TV a match at nationals one year where an ace was injured and was subbed out. has officially come to an end with Chapter 402 of the series, and one of the coolest things it does is complete a final arc that sent the series several years forward into the future. When Karasuno has reached match point, Alisa watches as Lev is able to block Hinata's direct spike attempt with a tearful expression. share. Daichi & Daichi's Little Sister! Log in Sign up. Only His 'lil bro' didn't know of his arrival. Reader) In which a bunch of volleyball players simp for Udai (Y/N), a soft and slightly aloof babygirl who is the half-sister of Udai Tenma, more famously known as … Recent Top. Alisa Haiba (Japanese: 灰羽 (はいば) アリサ, Haiba Arisa) is Lev Haiba's older sister. He had stated that he grew 2mm in two weeks, which averages out to 1mm per week. Discover (and save!) He has neatly parted light grey hair and catlike slanted green eyes framed with thin eyebrows.

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