Déborah Révy was born on March 10, 1987 in Lyon, Rhône, France. What Were the Key Events in the Life of Jesus Christ? The opening Judges 4:4–5 tells this much: This location, "between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim," places Deborah and her fellow Hebrews in an area controlled by King Jabin of Hazor, who had oppressed the Israelites for 20 years, according to the Bible. This article was adapted from the author’s original post, “What we Can Learn About Courage and Faith from Deborah.”. She was previously married to Gregory Hoblit, Tony Adams, James Farentino and Scott Staples. As a prophet, Judge Deborah was said to hear God's voice and share God’s Word with others. Many scholars contend that the phrase, "a woman of Lappidot", as translated from biblical Hebrew in Judges 4:4 denotes her marital status as the wife of Lappidot, or "Lappidoth" as listed in many Bible translations. But may all who love you be like the sun    when it rises in its strength.” (Judges 5:12-13, 31). Bees collect pollen and nectar, not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of others, just as the Hebrews collect mitzvahs (a good deed done for others or religious benefit) for the Lord’s pleasure and benefit. In Judg 4:4, Deborah is identified as eshet lappidot, which may mean woman of [the town] Lappidoth, wife of [the man] Lappidoth, or woman of torches (that is, fie… \"The peasantry ceased, they ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose, Until I arose, a mother in Israel. The nurse of Rebekah. Get to know the 11 News I-Team reporter and anchor. Other interpreters have said insisted that Barak's response actually shows his discomfort at being ordered into battle by a woman, even if she was the ruling judge at the time. According to author Joseph Telushkin in his book Jewish Literacy, the only thing known about Deborah's private life was the name of her husband, Lapidot (or Lappidoth). Deborah Tannen is University Professor and Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University and author of many books and articles about how the language of everyday conversation affects relationships. In the next verse, Deborah agrees to go to battle with Barak and the troops but share with him: "However, there will be no glory for you in the course you are taking, for then the Lord will deliver Sisera into the hands of a woman" (Judges 4:9). North Wales. Related To David Rowe. Deborah, upon receiving instructions from God, called Barak, an Israelite warrior, to bring 10,000 troops up Mount Tabor to attack Sisera, Jabin’s commander of troops. As a bee sting is quite painful, but the bee’s honey is incredibly sweet, God’s Word will sting those who don’t follow His commands but will bless those who live righteously with a sweet life. Bees are a lowly insect, which is a reminder to God’s children to be humble. Article Images Copyright © 2021 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. 3. She is known for her wisdom and courage and is the only woman of the Old Testament who is known for her own faith and action, not because of her relationship to her husband or another man. (Exodus 18). We may not always know what the road ahead will look like, but we only need to remember that God will faithfully guide us and lead the way. Irvington. The four others are. She has authored a number of books on faith and religion. (Genesis 35:8) Deborah accompanied Rebekah from the house of Bethuel, (Genesis 24:59) and is only mentioned by name on the occasion of her burial under the oak tree of Bethel, which was called in her honor Allon-bachuth.A prophetess who judged Israel. The name Deborah means ‘a bee’, and in view of the intelligent and hard-working reputation of the bee, Deborah was a fitting name for the fifth judge in Israel. Deborah's horoscope is Virgo according to her birth date. Although Deborah wasn't a priestess who offered sacrifices, she did lead public worship services. The Israelites came against the army of Sisera, and God granted the victory. These rulers were called “mishpat,” which is translated as “judges.” A role that originated back when Moses appointed helpers to assist him in resolving arguments among the people. This poetry celebrates the Hebrew’s victory over the Canaanites and Sisera’s army. The Midrash (a collection of teachings on the Torah) explains that the Hebrew people are said to be like bees in several ways: 1. (B.C, 1316.) Photo Credit: WikimediaCommons/Gustave Dore. What we Can Learn About Courage and Faith from Deborah, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. She is known for her wisdom and courage and is the only woman of the Old Testament who is known for her own faith and action, not because of her relationship to her husband or another man. First she was a prophetess and probably a wife. The Jewish Virtual Library recounts a tradition that this decisive battle took place during the rainy season from October to December, although there is no date reference in the scripture. Also known as: Deborah Baldridge, Deborah L Baldridge, Deborah Kirkle Baldridge. She was truly remarkable: a judge, a military strategist, a poet, and a prophet. There are two Deborah's mentioned in the Bible. The old saying "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called"   applies here. Doing something out of your comfort zone to glorify Him can be terrifying, but faith was never promised to be easy. Associated persons: Richard Allan Baldridge, Carolyn Fisher, Elliott Slater (469) 977-5316. She is passionate about helping Christian women to grow in Christ, improve their marriages and creatively worship. … However, in Hebrew, the same word is used for “woman” and “wife,” so we don’t know, with certainty, if Deborah was a “woman of Lappidoth” (a place) or the “wife of Lappidoth” (a person). she was born in August 29, 1952 on United States.She played the daughter of Ted Knight‘s character on Too Close for Comfort. Deborah (a bee). “Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Biography. Our sages tell us, that at the advice of his wife he furnished large wicks and oil for the lights of the sanctuary of Shiloh, which burned like torches. All rights reserved. Christianity.com is a member of the Salem Web Network of sites including: Copyright © 2021, Christianity.com. Fast Facts: Deborah Sampson Also Known As: Private Robert Shurtliff Key Accomplishments: Disguised herself as a man and enlisted as “Private Robert Shurtliff” during the American Revolution; served for 18 months before being honorably discharged. Deborah is one of the most influential women of the Bible. Deborah Sampson became a hero of the American Revolution when she disguised herself as a man and joined the Patriot forces. Deborah Sampson Gannett (December 17, 1760 – April 29, 1827), better known as Deborah Sampson, was a Massachusetts woman who disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Deborah is one of the most influential women of the Bible. As a prophet, Judge Deborah was said to hear God's voice and share God’s Word with others. Rather it was Jael, the wife of a clan leader, who would avenge the Israelites by driving a tent peg through Sisera’s head with a mallet when he asked for water and respite. Deborah would sit under the palm tree between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim; and the Israelites would line up for her to rule on a matter. Be bold. The only other person in the Bible who was said to be both prophet and judge was Samuel. The first one is the nurse of Rebekah (Genesis 35:8).

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