So I’m going to be purchasing my first euro nymph rod this weekend (going to a fly fishing expo), and was wondering if anyone has tried the new Clearwater euro nymph rod. Winston BIIIX Super 10’ 4WT. Maxcatch Nano Nymph Fly Fishing Rod 2/3/4WT 10ft IM12 Toray Carbon Fast Action . £59.50. T-and-Co - 07/23/2020 In the modern nymphing technique, the 10’ #3 is the most standard fly rod used for white-water fishing. AU $89.27. Enter the Recon 10ft 3wt. Loop's new K2 Euro-nymphing fly rod is a specialist fly rod for this popular method of fly fishing. Reply. I have the 10ft 5wt H2. Selling because I found a marked down deal at a fly shop just after I purchased. This lightweight fish-catching-weapon is just too damn fun to stop using. Home › 10' 3/4wt. They cost £199 but I picked mine up for a little less online. Free shipping . Not only is this an excellent euro-nymph rod, I also find it delivers dry fly’s at short to medium ranges pretty well. Free shipping . The tight-line nymphing power tool. £25.00. Farglory Dual-Purpose Fly Rod, for Nymphing & Dry-Fly Fishing, 4wt, 5wt . Balance and Weight Euro sticks are long, so Cortland designed their rods to be butt-heavy to promote balance and minimize arm and wrist strain. Rod: Euro rods also commonly come in 2wt and 4wt sizes in addition to 3 weights. Almost gone. Ex: For a 3wt rod, use a 4wt line. AU $123.40. Orvis Clearwater 10’ 3wt Euro Nymph Rod. Those rods need a heavier-than-normal reel to balance out the rig. Owned less than 1 year and fished with it 6 times. Moonshine Euro Nymphing Road / 3wt 10' 6" (Charlestown) $175. Ex: For a 3wt rod, use a 4wt line. All are four piece rods and retail for $199.99. Looking at 10' Nymphing rods in 3wt and 4wt for Arkansas, Blue, and Colorado Rivers. Product Search. Cortland makes a good one. £4.20. The rod is a nice olive color with dark olive wraps, and metallic green trim wraps. Free P&P. Some people like a fast tipped rod for Euro style, but being that close to the fish I prefer a med/fast action rod with a softish tip because it helps with feel and I don't lose as many fish. A lot has changed in rod design in 10 years. But it's a very versatile rod being a 4wt. With an ultralight, skeletonized reel seat and single-foot snake guides, we’ve red Scott Radian 10’ 4WT. We have put together a complete Euro Nymph Outfit for those who want to dive into this incredibly effective nymphing technique. If you’re thinking “ how can I wrangle 18+ inch fish on a 2wt or 3wt fly rod “, I can assure you that a true euro rod blank is not designed the same as a general purpose fly rod blank. Free P&P . My first dedicated Euro rod was the first generation Greys Streamflex 10’ 3wt. Just checking in on this old post. I use a 10ft 3wt Redington Hydrogen, but I think you'd be fine sizing up to a 4 if you want that extra power. Redington Strike Euro Nymph 3wt 10'6" Built for tight-line and Euro-style nymphing techniques, the medium-fast action of the STRIKE is finished with an extra-sensitive tip section for superior presentation control and strike sensitivity. On one hand, there’s fly rods specifically engineered for tight-line techniques. 2020 10' 3wt fly rod Shootout. Unknown April 25, 2018 at 6:01 PM. Sale. Slow down and relax, the rod can cast. That said, starting out with a 9 foot 3wt or 4wt is okay, but as you use this technique more you’ll realize the necessity of a 10-11ft 3wt, fast action rod designed for euro nymphing. The way I see it, there’s 2 broad categories of euro nymphing sticks on the market today. I read your nymphing rod shootout and was interested in several rods you rated at the top. I had a few euro specific 10 and 10.5 footers. Echo Shadow X 11’ 3WT. The Argus is a solid choice here. The blank recovery after casting is fast, even with heavy flies. I use a Scott A4 10' 4wt, and I like the action very much for Czech nymphing. If you're after a relatively budget-priced nymphing rod these are definitely worth considering. The trim is subtle so as to not be gaudy and overbearing. Sun Jan 03 2021 3:50 pm Advertisements . I got to fish the new Sage ESN 10’ 6” 3 wt and found it to be exceptionally. Discussion. For those not familiar with Euro, or Czech, nymphing tactics it is simply a form of tight-line nymphing. This kind of rod gives you a perfect control of the drift but also enough reactivity for dry fly fishing. How big of fish can you land with the 3wt rods? It’s only been out for a little while but I was wondering if anyone has used one and how it compares to other rods in that price range. Free shipping . Competition InTouch 2/3wt Nymph Fly Rod for euro nymphing fly fishing. $80.00. The 10ft 6in 3wt model (3106-4) is my first choice for my own fishing. Awesome for nymphing, slows the action down just enough for effective dry fly presentations, and give you much better control when fishing streamers. (four piece) carbon fiber "Czech Nymph" fly rod blank. Maxcatch Competition InTouch Nymph Fly Rod for euro nymphing fly fishing 2/3wt. Note: When matching any ECHO Euro Nymph rods to a non-Euro Nymph line, we recommend sizing up one size for the line. Free shipping. Free P&P . Redington STRIKE Fly Rods Built for tight-line and Euro-style nymphing techniques, the medium-fast action of the STRIKE is finished with an extra-sensitive tip section for superior presentation control and strike sensitivity. While any weight rod can be used for tight-line techniques, most euro nymphing specific rods range from 1wt – 4wt, with 3wt being one of the more common used today. I use the word "versatile" very loosely here, since we are talking about extremely specialized fly rods. Purchased for $225. A 3 weight fly rod can be killer for nymphing, especially high sticking, euro nymphing, and Czech nymphing. Free shipping . They are particularly multipurpose and very popular amongst anglers who like fishing in small to medium sized streams. This outfit features the outstanding 10'6" 3wt Cortland Competition Nymph rod, a Lamson Liquid reel, Cortland Competition Nymph Line and a Rio Euro Leader with built in sighter, all balanced and assembled by Grady or Torrey here at the store. JLA FORUMS | Classifieds | FOR SALE - New England | FOR SALE - Boston, MA. Free shipping . I just wish Scott made them in a 3wt. Introductory Euro Nymphing Rods Echo Carbon XL 10′ 3-Weight – $189.99 Image Credit to Trident Fly Fishing. Echo Shadow II 10’6 4WT. Orvis Clearwater 103-4 3wt Fly Rod is the perfect choice for euro nymph style fishing, high-sticking, mending line, and casting longer distances to deliver dry flies precisely on target. The sensitive 10.5’ 3wt is a classic, but the 4wt will give you a bit more versatility. The reduced weight of the ESN makes the rods very light in your hand and doesn’t cause as much fatigue. $165.00. Nano Nymph Fly Fishing Rods 2WT/3WT/4WT 10ft 4Pcs IM12 Toray Carbon Fast Action. A personal favorite of mine for fishing the Gunpowder is the Echo Shadow II 10’ 2WT. Shop Our Catalog . The action on this rod is fast with a soft tip to feel the slightest nibble of a shy trout. Every detail of the ESN series is specifically designed around tight-line nymphing, from the down-locking reel seat to the soft and highly sensitive tip. Check out the deal on Orvis Clearwater 103-4 Fly Rod : 10'0" 3wt at REELFLYROD. A subtle nymph take may not be felt with heavier rods, but with ultra sensitive 3 weight fly rods, even a nibble feels like a hit. With an ultralight, skeletonized reel seat and single-foot snake guides, we’ve reduced the ove Free shipping . Replies. For this review we have procured the 963-4, and the 1005-4. Echo Shadow X 10’ 3WT. The New Echo Carbon XL Euro Nymph rod delivers a perfect budget Euro Nymph rod designed specifically for the nymph or tight line angler. Nano Nymph Fly Fishing Rods 2WT/3WT/4WT 10ft 4Pcs IM12 Toray Carbon Fast Action. 10' 3/4wt. The 3wt 10'0" is perfect for small to medium size rivers. I settled on a Hardy 10′ 4wt as my versatile solution. Almost gone . Epiphany Moonshine Fly Rod - 10' 6" euronypmhing fly rod. Designed using the very popular Echo Carbon XL graphite and resins, the Euro Nymph rod can handle any trout situation including dry fly, wet fly, or nymphing. Whether you’re seeking extreme sensitivity with the 2100-4, an extra bit of reach with the 3106-4, or a sturdy fish-lifting backbone with the 4100-4, the ESN series has the right tool for your quiver. $150.00. $145.00. Maxcatch Nano Nymph Fly Fishig Rod 3WT/4WT 10/11ft IM12 Toray Carbon Fast Action. Maxcatch 3-8WT Fiberglass Fly Fishing Rod in Blue,Orange,or Transparent. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty. And for the past several months, this rod has been hitting the water with me everywhere I go. (four piece) carbon fiber "Czech Nymph" fly rod blank The "Proof" Czech Nymph blank offers a solid medium/fast action that is absolutely perfect for detecting subtle strikes. Last one . Nymph Fly Fishing Rod 10FT -#3wt -4Pcs NANO IM12 Graphite Carbon Fast 88g Only. Maxcatch Cruiser Travel Fly Fishing Rod 2/3/4wt 7'6'' 7' 8' 6pcs Fast action. We chose a standard, up locking reel seat that works well with the design. Free shipping. Maxcatch Braided Fly Line Backing for Fly Fishing 20/30LB 50yds-300yds. Big difference between 4wt and 5wt, in my opinion. SUPER SALE!!! Last August I picked up the Sage ESN 10' 4wt for Euro nymphing our local rivers and have hardly put it down since. We wanted to keep the value and usability at the fore front for our customers and this nymphing rod does just that! £53.00. At 10' long the blank offers extra reach for getting just right drift and for dealing with tricky currents. Built from the ground, the newest edition to the Recon family was made for the angler that demanded a versatile rod that excelled in euro-style nymphing techniques. Sure there are days when I carry two rods (an 8’5″ 4wt for dries) but normally just one. The CZN 963-4 (9'6” 3wt), CZN 1004-4 (10' 4wt), and CZN 1005-4 (10' 5wt). $80.00. Free shipping . Guideline LPS Euro Nymphing rods are available in three sizes: 9'6" 2wt, a 9'9" 3wt and a 10' 4wt. Hi Juan. The 3wt is the 5wt of the competition style rod world, the 2wt is the 4wt of the competition rod world. Maxcatch Nymph Rod 2/3/4WT 10ft 4Sec Graphite IM10 Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod. Reply Delete. FREE U.S. Maxcatch AIRLITE 2/3WT 7'6'' Lightweight Fly Fishing Rod IM10 Carbon Fiber. Lastly, you’ll need some line. During an extensive testing cycle, Loop's major focus was devoted to refining the flex plane of the K2 blank to offer ultra connective drift control from a lightweight medium actioned fly rod. Euro-style rods have stiff butt sections, so you get a lot more fish fighting power than you do from a dry-fly twig in the same weight. The DXF 11’3wt or Sky 10’4wt would be my choices out of the entire Douglas quiver. Most folks go with the 3wt for a competition style rod, as it's probably a bit more versatile. What It Is Thread and epoxy work are good for this price range. This past year Orvis developed their own nymphing rod. Farglory Dual-Purpose Fly Rod, for Nymphing & Dry-Fly Fishing, 4wt, 5wt. UpCountry has designed this value Euro Nymphing combination for easy entry into european style nymphing. The 10′ 3wt is at home euro nymphing for trout and also casts very well. $150.00. Try a 10ft before buying an 8ft, I really like 4wt in 10ft. I’ll usually throw a click/pawl reel on my Euro rods, because they’re almost always heavier than a disc-drag reel, and I prefer click/pawl drags. Dry fly with fly line is great, and helps keep line off the water. If you are new to euro nymphing and just want to dip your toe into the aspect of euro nymphing, the Echo Carbon XL is an excellent rod designed for anglers of all skill levels. I overline the rod to engage that stiffer butt section for longer casts and punching through the wind. Just keep in mind it'll also be a bit heavier (and more fatiguing to hold out in front of you all day). The Echo Carbon XL Nymph Outfit has everything you need to start fishing euro style, and the outfit won't break the bank. Popular . The Sage ESN is a medium action fly rod, designed specifically for Euro Nymphing techniques. When not euro nymphing, I pair the rod with a four-weight SA trout taper line. Types of euro nymphing rods. Sign In Cart 0. Looking at the Gloomis PRO4x 10' 3wt and 4wt along with CZECH NYMPH GLX in 3wt and 4wt. AU $133.83. Euro nymph sticks designed by Tim and Team USA’s Pete Erickson. I agree with everyone, don't go short on the 4wt. The light weight of the rod makes holding it in the air for hours less stressful on your shoulders and also provides extra sensitivity.

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