1/2 teaspoon nutmeg. Our Jamaican cake is laced with rum and rich ruby wine and each slice is like a little mouthful of the Caribbean. 3/4 lbs Chiffon Margarine; 1/2 lbs Brown Sugar; 1 lbs Baking Flour; 1 tsp Baking powder; 4 eggs; 1 tbsp Vanilla; 1 tsp Nutmeg; 1 tbsp Mix Spice; 1 1/2 tbsp Grace Browning; 3 cups Red Label Wine; 1/2 lbs prunes; 1/2 lbs cherries; To soak fruits: Boil Red Label wine for 2 minutes. I made a few; some were soft and gooey, like a steamed pudding, others were more cake-like. The most difficult part of making this icing is ensuring that all equipment and utensils are completely clean and grease free. 8 oz. Continue to "feed the cake" with the rum or syrup for at least 4 more days. ICING THE CAKE Remove cake from pan and place on cake plate. These cakes are very similar to the British Christmas Cake! Posted on 1/1 at 3:21PM. Roll out almond paste to a circle big enough to drape over the cake, covering top and sides. If you love this type of icing and just need a simple fully iced Jamaican black rum fruit cake then order now! The Traditional Jamaican Black Cake is preferred and baked by most Jamaicans during the Christmas season. Reply. orange/lime rind. Jamaican black cake recipe. Allow cake to remain in pan for 2-3 days. https://en.petitchef.com/recipes/dessert/jamaican-black-cake-fid-1217932 This recipe is for two 9 inch cakes. The tipple of choice is dark rum and cherry brandy – I guess you always go for the local and available. Traditionally, the cake is served at Christmas just like this. Fill a Wilton parchment 15" triangle decorating bag with a 106 or 107-star tip. It takes a little effort, but the outcome is delicious and gratifying. ; Have the ingredients laid out and prepared the night before. Let cool then use it to blend prunes and cherries. Recipe For Jamaican Black Cake Ingredients. Sweet T's black cake recipe includes a variety of sweet, flavorful fruit such as: plums, raisins, citron (or mixed Peel), and cherries soaked in Jamaican rum and sweet red wine.The fruits are soaked for at least 8 months for maximum taste and consistency. Gold Rum Dark Rum Spiced Rum Any Type of Rum. Some were soaked in wine (through one blog post I learned about Red Label Wine), others used in cherry brandy, but most involved rum. This search takes into account your taste preferences. Cuisine: Jamaican; Course: Dessert; Skill Level: Medium; Black Forest Cake is a delectable treat for parties or as a dessert. I used organic cane sugar for this recipe which is sweeter than coconut sugar, but use whatever sweetener works best for you. In part one of this black cake making recipe we focused on preparing the aromatic fruits we’ll be using to give the cake it truly unique Caribbean flavor. 2 cups breadcrumbs. As with cooking, every Jamaican has a slightly different recipe which still turns out great. Get one of our Jamaican black cake recipe and prepare delicious and … It is also served at weddings and special occasions. In a large bowl, mix all the fruits thoroughly with the wine and the rum. In a heavy skillet combine 1 lb. great recipe. 1 cup brown sugar. Many people soak their fruit for a year! Reply. Allow icing to dry for 1 hr. I did some scooting around looking at recipes for Jamaican Black Cake, and found a few examples in some of my cookbooks in my library, and some online. ImmaculateBites says. Josyl Headley says. Of course, we also have other traditional recipes for you here including the famous Caribbean Black Cake and Jamaican Sorrell. Try asking when you are visiting one. Jamaican Wedding Cake (Also Known As Black Cake ) Note: the burnt sugar is reponsible for the color of the cake! I associate black cake with traditional Jamaican wedding cake, but for many it’s the cake they bake at Christmastime. Let the fruit sit covered at room temperature for 2 wks. Personally, I would also add more of the port wine to the cake batter. I’m so pleased that you like the recipe and my attempt at Jamaican Black Cake. softened butter. It is a dense cake soaked with rum and port wine and allowed to sit and ferment for several weeks or months. I tried this recipe with non alcoholic wine and it was my first time making black cake, It was spectacular! 8 oz. This is a traditional holiday dessert which is deliciously, dark and rich and unlike any other fruit cake you will run across. Skip. Apr 8, 2019 - Explore Audrey's board "Jamaican black cake" on Pinterest. What makes a black cake dark is how much browning you use and how long you soak the fruit in liquor. - Recipe Dessert : Jamaican wedding cake by Sweet tooth Jamaican Rum Cake, or Caribbean Black Cake, or Christmas Cake, whatever you call it it's made usually around Christmas time and for celebrations. Here my recipe differs slightly, using port instead of cherry brandy. 1/2 teaspoon salt. This cake packs a boozy punch. Chef Sweet Ts Recipes Jamaican Dance Videos Jamaican Black Cake Gallery About Chef Sweet T ... A delicious almond paste covered fruit cake in royal white icing sent to your door in the mail. Combine ingredients, beat at high speed for 7-10 minutes. salt, butter, confectioners sugar, crisco, vanilla, warm water . As soon as Christmas is over they buy more fruit to soak for the next year. Here's a terrific recipe for icing sugar cookies, no raw egg whites. Have a cup with warm water and a large knife, Cover entire cake with icing and smooth cake over by dipping knife in warm water. Rum-Glazed Doughnuts with Toffee Crunch … Preparation. My “black cake” recipe isn’t as dark as some. Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Jamaican black cake recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips.

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